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We are assured, competent and permitted to supply animal feeds within the republic of Kenya.
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Your reliable supplier of quality and nutritious animal feeds and additives
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Our feed has high nutritional content and digestibility and caters to your animal's needs through all life stages

Welcome to Happy Feeds. We are an organization committed to the highest quality and standards. We supply a wide range of animal feeds which are of high nutrition standards and beneficial to livestock which result to better health and production.!

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High Quality feed for healthy and happy livestock

Cattle Feeds

Good milk production starts with good nutrition—from birth to the end of lactation. That’s why Happy Feeds premium dairy feeds were developed to support the unique nutritional requirements of dairy cows in every stage of life and every phase of production
Cattle Feeds

Our nutrition philosophy

We make Livestock food with purpose. Every dry/wet feed recipe we make begins with Happy Feeds…!
  • Quality products

    Ingredients should be selected for their appropriateness for the production system and bio availability
  • Safety and Well Being

    Innovation should be pursued relentlessly, always focusing on the animal's nutritional needs, safety and well-being
  • Nutrition, Not Just Ingredients

    Nutrition starts with understanding nutrients, not just ingredients.
  • Access to complete nutrition

    we offer a wide range of products that allows farm owners to choose a feed that’s right for their stock.
  • Natural Prebiotic Fiber

    Help to support your livestock's overall digestive health and nutrient absorption
  • We surpass standards

    Not only do all our products meet set standards, but most of them go beyond the requirements to provide optimal nourishment for animals.
Our Nutritional Philosophy

Jane Njeri Pig Farmer

Great product. Have seen increase in monthly yield of my stock!

Omondi K Commercial Poultry Farmer

Besides great products they have an amazing customer care service! Kudos!

Justin Wachira Cattle Breeding

Switched to happy feeds, can't complain, great value for your hard earned money

Why choose us

Livestock feed packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements for great yields.
Why Choose us
  • Nutritious Feed

    Our feed has high nutritional content and digestability and caters to your animal's needs through all life stages
  • Quality & Safety

    We own and run operations in all of the facilities in which our livestock feed is made
  • Professionalism

    Knowledgable, Friendly and Professional Staff
  • Friendly Prices

    Consistently below the market price of our competitors

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Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs.
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Importance of Chachu

Chachu (spent/Brewers yeast) is a beer manufacturing by product. It is rich in bypass protein making it a good protein supplement. Besides, it is highly palatable and enhances digestibility.   Description  Brewers yeast (Chachu/Spent Yeast) is a by-product from the breweries, which use the micro-organism and fungal yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is obtained by the removal of […]

Massive Protein Deficiency In Cows

DENMARK – New results show that in the first few days after calving the dairy cow suffers from a massive protein deficiency. For this reason scientists are now shifting their focus from the cow’s energy balance to her protein status. The first few days after calving are a challenging time for the dairy cow. She […]

How to feed a dairy cow for more milk

How to feed a dairy cow for more milk Some literature compares a dairy cow to a factory. That means what is fed to the cow determines to a large extent the quality and quantity of milk produced. It is from the feeds that a dairy cow derives energy for maintenance, growth, milk production and […]