Chachu - Brewers Yeast for Livestock

Importance of Chachu

Chachu (spent/Brewers yeast) is a beer manufacturing by product. It is rich in bypass protein making it a good protein supplement. Besides, it is highly palatable and enhances digestibility.   Description  Brewers yeast (Chachu/Spent Yeast) is a by-product from the breweries, which use the micro-organism and fungal yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is obtained by the removal of […]

Massive Protein Deficiency In Cows

DENMARK – New results show that in the first few days after calving the dairy cow suffers from a massive protein deficiency. For this reason scientists are now shifting their focus from the cow’s energy balance to her protein status. The first few days after calving are a challenging time for the dairy cow. She […]